Technical Solutions

The new dimension of high-resolution imaging systems

We are recognized all across Europe as a specialist in the manufacture and development of flat optics and round optics
as well as in combining them into subassemblies with ultra-small dimensions. Tailor-made, customized solutions for all
customer requirements are our strength.

Always a step ahead for our customers

Technological progress is a result of far-sighted thinking. We are treading a completely new path of possibilities in optics with the development of our new miniaturized systems. Unimagined opportunities are opened up for technical industries by their enormous robustness (also withstanding heat, acid and oil) coupled with maximum performance. We are ISO 9001 certified and our great flexibility guarantees deliveries just in time, getting your products onto the market even more quickly. Capitalize on the uncompromising precision of our engineering skills and products, all resulting from Swiss quality work! Together with you, we will develop a model tailored to your requirements.


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