optical components
  • Assemblies
    Optomechanical assemblies are e.g. objective lenses built in a holder...
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  • Image Slicer for SPIFFI
    The image slicer devides the image into 32 equal sized...
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  • smallest ophthalmic endoscope
    Development and Production of an optical system for...
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  • Medical Solutions
    Medicine of the future calls for innovative solutions...
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  • Miniaturized camera
    Development and production of a miniaturized...
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  • Plano optics
    Plano optics with sizes 0.2 to 10.0mm are produced in following production...
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  • Spherical optics
    Spherical optics with sizes 0.2 to 10.0mm are produced in following...
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  • Space & Defence Solutions
    One small step for man – one giant leap...
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  • Technical Solutions
    The new dimension of high-resolution imaging systems...
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